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What Career Is Right for Me?

Published 25/06/2024 by Olivia Woods

What Career Is Right for Me?

Many things should be considered when selecting what is your ideal career. One should think about one's interests and find out about things or tasks one enjoys doing, which is very important. Moreover, you should embark on career planning. This is where you think about your skills and discover your competencies or if you will need further training.

Before starting your career journey, you should also consider the job market to see the demand for a chosen profession.

Decoding Career Paths Through Tarot

Tarot card reading, which is used by some as a vehicle for palmistry, numerology, and other forms of mystical guidance, can also be used to support and direct the course of one’s career and work. Many people consult tarot card readings when looking for career advice and what the best career matches will be for them.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck, each with its own ’key’ and meaning, and depending on the career tarot spread; these cards can be interpreted as a snapshot of the present, a forecast of the future and, often, a deeper understanding of the self. These cards are grouped into two sets: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The major arcana, or ‘trump cards’, includes 22 culminating experiences across different personal life stages and archetypes. These are cards of transformation and initiation.

The minor arcana, meanwhile, consists of four suits (like a regular deck of cards) representing everyday human experiences, including familiar concepts like work and career.

The Moon Tarot Card

The Intersection of Intuition and Profession

Many scholars and professionals have explored the topic of intuition in various contexts, but the intersection of intuition and profession is unique and worth exploring on its own. At the core of this intersection is where a person’s intuition, or pattern recognition, meets their profession or vocation.

Refraining from relying too much on intuition, especially when that is not matched by other sources of proficiency, such as access to data or evidence, can lead to bad decision-making.

Other occupations might be less hospitable to intuition, and there may be fields in which direct access to intuition will not aid in success, regardless of one’s capacity.

Some people lack intuitive access to fields and occupations in which success depends on intuition and — in extreme cases — would be severely surprised by what they themselves produce.

Self-Reflection and Tarot: What Career Suits Me?

Self-reflection is a powerful tool that can empower you to gain awareness about your strengths and weaknesses, and it can be particularly effective in helping you determine your ideal career path.

Tarot, on the other hand, can provide a unique perspective on your personality, subconscious mind, and hidden desires, guiding you towards the career that best aligns with your true self.

For example, the first step of self-reflection is to ask yourself a few questions or even complete a career aptitude test: What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at? What motivates me? To answer those questions, it often helps to look back on your life: what kind of subjects did you excel in at school, what activities did you engage in at university, and what are your personal values?

These questions can reveal patterns in your behaviour that provide clues as to what career suits you.

Identifying Strengths and Passions in the Cards

Identifying strengths and passions in the cards to find your best career matches can open up avenues you may have yet to consider in your career search.

You can read the minor arcana court cards, too, to find guidance for native strengths and passions. Each suit of minor arcana gives you an angle on the material world: pentacles, material wealth and stability; cups, emotional fulfilment, and intimate relationships; swords, mental clarity, and communication skills; wands, creative energy, and passion.

Keep a mental note of which suits and pips emerge most often in a spread and any patterns or themes they represent – for example, if someone has accumulated many wand cards in their spread, this means they’re super-creative and passionate.

Navigating Career Crossroads: Tarot as a Compass

Tarot can help people make better decisions, which is why so many people use it as a compass to navigate different crossroads in their lives, including finding their dream job.

Tarot is a pack of cards that has been used to divine answers and enlighten options for 500 years. Every card has a specific meaning as well as its own iconography. How those meanings are realised is up for debate and discussion — and in the eye of the beholder.

But tarot has the potential to provide clarity and guidance for those at crossroads.

Career decisions are the perfect time to have a tarot career reading by one of the Trusted Psychics tarot career experts or psychic career coaches to discover what opportunities and pitfalls may come to light in different career fields.

Tarot Spread for Career Exploration

A career tarot spread tailored to clients' desires, aspirations, and current career inhibitors encourages them to see their hidden talents and unlock their unspoken passions to discover their real career preferences.

Based on your understanding of the cards in each position and their meaning, plus your own context and about what’s meaningful to you – particularly when it comes to your own career goals – you can deepen your self-awareness regarding what your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and purpose could be then, based on that moment in your life.

You can use this as an opportunity to give weight to decision-making moments and create a roadmap that is compatible with your inner truth.

A Tarot Card Spread

Seeking Tarot Guidance: A Personalised Approach

Tarot readings have become immensely popular in the past few years as a way of learning more about us, thereby increasing our confidence and control of our lives.

In this more individualised approach to tarot, the professional tarot reader will work with you to create an accurate tarot reading that is personalised to your needs and concerns—perhaps by selecting images from the cards or choosing a spread that best suits the situation.

If you’ve sat through enough generic readings, this may be reason enough to try a reading focused on you. This can be done only by a good tarot reader who can bring to the surface many more details than otherwise would emerge in a hazy reading.

A career tarot reading focused on you by a professional tarot reader can be far more personalised, where the skilled tarot reader can look in-depth at the challenges you may face and the opportunities you should take to further your career goals.

Seeking personalised tarot guidance is more likely to be empowering.

Instead of trying to predict the future in the way that many other forms of divination do, tarot can be used as a tool to help you be more aware of what’s happening in, between and around you – thoughts, feelings, behaviours – so that you can take more meaningful action and make the things you want to happen.

Tarot and Skill Development: Building Your Professional Toolkit

Practising tarot as a professional tool requires acquiring and honing these skills. It involves studying and using the imagery and meanings of the cards as outlined in scholarly texts, especially the originating guide, The Book of Thoth. It also involves contextual awareness that tarot imagery has been produced in and influenced by various cultures throughout its long history.

There is also a sense of having a quality practice as a professional – which encompasses ethical and informed use of tarot with other individuals. Important considerations here are sensitivity in the query or request for the reading and the sense of responsibility that comes from recognising that you might be delivering information that will deeply affect your client.

Adding tarot to a professional toolkit can benefit counsellors and coaches. The tool can present a situation from a new perspective and give insight into where the client may be lacking, what resources they do have, and how to create a more complete solution.

Unveiling Hidden Desires: Tarot and Career Satisfaction

Among the most essential benefits of tarot and career satisfaction is the ability it offers readers to discover hidden desires.

Tons of people don’t realise what they want, which is a big issue because often we can have mixed feelings about whether to take the next step. Tarot taps into some gift from our higher selves, making it easier to discover hidden desires and make them feel powerful. In turn, that can lead to more meaningful and satisfying career choices.

Overcoming Career Challenges: Tarot as a Problem-Solving Tool

When they are in such diverse working stages, people experience many different problems during their working lives. Every new period in a worker's life can bring challenges, like finding a job, making a bad choice of working position, failing to get a job promotion, and choosing between two respectable and desired work opportunities.

Every problem can lead a worker to a completely desperate situation, and they are afraid to decide and move on.

Since this is a problem-solving situation, let us assume people want to use traditional problem-solving methods. These methods arise from advice, mentoring, coaching, and suggestions from emotional intelligence and career counselling.

Tarot is a good tool for career problem-solving because it invites us to look at ourselves and our own intuition. Tapping your intuition can be easy to forget in a culture of information oversharing. Yet you can often find the answer you’ve been looking for by asking yourself some good questions and staying with your feelings before, during and after you see the cards.

The way to clarify your present-time career problems might be to tap into your innermost self; the cards are an excellent way to do that.

Tarot as a Catalyst for Action

Tarot serves as a form of self-reflection and contemplation but can also be used as a call to action.

Extracting insight from tarot readings can provide clarity on our desires and the intentions behind our desires. These readings help us determine what to focus on and what to prioritise, and they also compel us to make decisions.

The first way that tarot can serve as an agent of action is that it offers clarity or insight into a situation. When you cast a tarot reading, you are inviting the universe to speak to you: to invite the movement of the cards to shed light on something.

The tarot can often offer a view of a difficult situation you never considered or help you understand an issue in a new or novel way.

Tarot as a Catalyst for Action

For centuries, tarot has been used as a powerful tool for self-reflection and decision-making. It is also a tool for introspection and a catalyst for action.

When used correctly, tarot can inspire individuals to take concrete steps towards achieving their goals and positively changing their lives.

One way that tarot can act as a catalyst for action is by providing clarity and insight into a particular situation. When a person consults the tarot, they are opening themselves up to receiving guidance and direction from the universe.

The cards can offer a fresh perspective on a problem or challenge, illuminating aspects of the situation that the individual may not have considered before. Armed with this newfound clarity, the individual can make informed decisions and take steps towards resolving the issue.

Combining Tarot With Traditional Career Assessments

Traditional career assessments or personality tests, skills assessments and so forth all provide helpful information – but not always about that person’s true passion and talents.

While a more systematic and logical career assessment is open to greater inquiry, its basis is generalisations.

Tarot can provide a more intuitive, personalised, and spiritual evaluation, which, although not as analytical, is perhaps more able to ultimately uncover greater latitude to grow.

Using Tarot to complement a traditional career test will give a person a better overall picture or vision of her life work.

A personality-type test might yield a diligent, detail-oriented person suited to a career in project management. A tarot reading will further explain why this same person is drawn to writing. She might be highly organised but has a knack for storytelling as well. Perhaps she’d be better suited to a creative writing or journalism career.

Tarot's Role in Career Transitions

A new, potentially daunting career direction might be in view, and it can take time to feel clear-headed in these situations.

Perhaps you already suspect that making a change feels right. Still, a bit of additional concrete information might be welcome in the form of an indication that new professional possibilities are about to open up.

This is precisely the sort of information that tarot cards can provide. You might ask the cards to give you a sense of whether: a) your strengths are well-matched by the new, contemplated job, b) whether this new direction will bring out the best in you, and c) whether the time feels right for perhaps available new job prospects.

Career Tarot Reading

More and more people every week contact Trusted psychics for career guidance in a tarot career reading. Trusted Psychics’ career psychics can help you realise your career potential with actionable, intuitive advice and career predictions.

These highly skilled readers use specific tarot cards depending on the career area you wish to explore and then interpret them as they pertain to you. They could have something to say about your strengths in your career/s, your biggest weaknesses, the opportunities available for you, the blocks or obstacles you’re unlikely to overcome, all of this and more, depending on the cards you receive.

By putting it all together, our career experts can explain all of it to you and give you pointers as to which direction you may want to take the next step in your career – the type that has the best chance of being productive and successful for you.

How will a career reading benefit you? The primary benefit of a career tarot reading is to point out where you might be blocking yourself from success. Perhaps you are stuck in your current position or don’t know which new path to take. A tarot reading can provide you with the clarity and direction you need.

A career tarot's strength is that you get closer to your inner wisdom and intuition. Our career readers are experts on asking the right questions and bringing insights based on the tarot you previously hadn’t considered possible.

The more you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and passions, the more you can proactively decide whether to stay or change jobs.


How Do I Find Out What Career Is Right for Me?

People should think carefully about it before choosing their career. Here are some steps you can follow to find which career is appropriate for you:

1. Reflect on your personality

2. Find your strongest point

3. Figure out your skills

4. Decide your interests

5. Discover your value

There are many factors to consider before deciding about which profession is right for you. Start by assessing your personality traits and strengths, as well as your interests, skills, and values.

How Do I Choose the Right Career?

Finding a career that fits your interests, skills, and values is daunting enough for many of us – with any number of potential options and ongoing uncertainties.

If it's about making a choice that you see as one of the biggest in your life, it shouldn't be made lightly and should be based on consideration of one's interests, skills, and values.

Once you have evaluated your current situation, the next step is to research the job market. Look for industries and companies that align with your interests and strengths. Look at job descriptions and requirements to get a better sense of what is expected from candidates in those roles.

You can also attend job fairs, network with professionals in your desired field, and take on internships or volunteer opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

How Do I Know What Career to Do in My Life?

Finding a career that fits your interests, skills, and values is daunting enough for many of us – with many potential options and ongoing uncertainties. And that’s without considering that you will likely build a career and try out many job roles over your working life.

One way to do this is through a self-assessment of your personality, your strengths, and weaknesses. You can do many online assessments that give insight into your personality, preferences, and strengths. You can also hire a career counsellor or do some self-reflection. Knowing your unique gifts and preferences helps you identify careers that might be appropriate for you.

Contact the Trusted Psychics career experts today and speak to a live psychic reader, or use the instant live messenger service for a career tarot reading.

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