What are the Conditions of True Love

Love does exist; however, in real life, it’s nothing like what you’ve seen in Hollywood movies. True love is not to be confused with co-dependence, lust, control, possessiveness, or vanity. The kind of love that most people are familiar with is when two people negotiate with each other so they can both get what they want. An extreme example of this is the wealthy old man with the beautiful wife; relationships of this sort are probably the most common today, of course, it happens on a more subtle basis.

These days, men tend to see women as sex objects and women see men as success objects. Sure, this may sound harsh, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. The thing is though, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can find true love if we’re able to bypass our superficial needs and bond with one another on a spiritual level. With that said, you won’t be able to recognise true love if your consumed by the things that provide us with instant gratification; things like sex, drugs (including alcohol), money, fame, etc. All of these things are able to bring us happiness in the moment, but their effects are rarely long-lasting.

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How to Recognise True Love

True Love makes no demands because it has no needs to be gratified. True love indiscriminately desires the happiness and well-being of others. On occasion, it may not approve of peoples’ behaviours and attitudes, but it sees through the superficial things that most people are drawn to. True love sees the essence of the soul and it loves that essence unconditionally. True love forgives absolutely and holds no grievances.

True Love doesn’t prefer certain people or groups of people, that’s not in its nature. Love doesn’t know degrees or gradations of love, and love doesn’t choose. Simply put, love cannot do anything but love. The essence of every soul is made of love which is why the soul doesn’t need to learn how to love.

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The Corruption of Love

All of the above sounds great, right? However, over time, the pure nature of love has been corrupted by the worldly things we now find enjoyment in. The soul used to have a loud presence in our heart, but now, that voice goes by unnoticed for most people. In order to hear its soft chants, we must get back to what’s important by stripping away all of the things that modern society has taught us to cherish. Love can only be rediscovered through the removal of the blocks placed on our minds. It’s not that love no longer exists, we’ve merely confused its meaning other emotions that simulate what it means to love/ be loved.

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