Why Three-Card Spreads Are So Popular

A three-card tarot spread is one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways to get clarity on a current situation. The three-card spread is an efficient method to use when giving someone an in-depth reading over the phone, online, or face-to-face. In numerology, the number three represents growth, pointing to a way of moving forward; when you use a three-card spread, the third card will let you know how best to move forward.

Powerful Three-Card Tarot Readings

Types of three-card spreads include Linear, Balanced, Foundation and Crossed, all of which we will go over today.

Linear Three-Card Readings

A linear three-card spread can be used if you’re looking for a general reading that involves your life path. Below, you will find 3 examples of linear three-card tarot spreads.

  • The past
  • The present
  • The future

  • The nature of the issue
  • The cause
  • The solution

  • You
  • Your partner
  • What’s likely to happen

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Balanced Three-Card Readings

Powerful Three-Card Tarot Readings

When getting a three-card tarot reading, the position of the cards is very important. The position of the cards allows you to get a deeper understanding of what the card(s) mean in relation to your question. Balanced three-card spreads create a structure which looks like a pyramid (see below). With a layout like this, you can find out what the most important factors are in relation to the following.

  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind
  • Super-conscious mind

  • Physical being
  • Emotional being
  • Spiritual being

Foundational Three-Card Readings

Powerful Three-Card Tarot Readings

A Foundational three-card spread can be used to help you understand where a relationship is going. During a three-card tarot reading via this method, you can examine the following.

  • What you really want
  • What does your partner want?
  • Where is this going?

  • How things worked best
  • What did not work well?
  • What can be learnt from this?

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Crossed Three-Card Readings

Powerful Three-Card Tarot Readings

Another useful method is the Crossed spread. This three-card spread highlights what your main obstacles are in life and how you can overcome them. By crossing the second card over the first, you will get a visual understanding of the challenge(s) present in your life. The third card stands alone to give a more objective solution to a problematic situation. This three-card cross spread works really well for career and relationship readings.

  • Current issue
  • What influence blocks you
  • Suggested resolution

  • Current opportunity
  • Biggest challenge
  • How best to reach intended goal

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