The Power of Tarot Cards

There are seventy-eight tarot cards in a deck which means there are plenty of combinations that can occur during a reading. A talented cartomancer will read cards separately, however, they’ll also combine their meanings with other cards in order to give a clearer picture of what’s happening or going to happen in someone’s life.

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Questions Tarot Card Readers Ask Themselves

There are loads of questions that a tarot reader will ask themselves when combining cards, such as:-

What do these cards mean when read together? For example, do the cards reinforce or contradict each other or do they change the meaning altogether?

Are there similar symbols that can be found on the cards? If so, what does that mean? For example, a combination of cards that include both the Judgement and The Lovers card would feature angels. This could indicate that the angels trying to share a message or give some guidance regarding a situation they may be going through. You can already see why it’s so important for a tarot reader to have mastered their intuition, needless to say, it’s also advantageous if they’re able to communicate with spirits.

How would the people in the drawn cards talk to each other and what would they say? Are the cards able to communicate and would there be a clear hierarchy between them that might define how they’d speak to each other? Asking questions like this will give the tarot reader a very clear indication of what the combination is trying to tell them as they listen to what the cards are saying to each other.

Complimentary Combinations

It’s often the case that tarot cards will complement each other in some way, shape, or form. For example, if a major and a minor arcana card are drawn, the major arcana card will show the big picture whereas the minor arcana will fill in any gaps. In this way, you can see that these cards complement each other perfectly.

Contradictory Combinations

Sometimes, tarot cards can seem to contradict one another. For example, a card may indicate a new love interest inserting themselves into someone’s life, however, the next card that’s drawn could point to the relationship that querent has to go the full distance. However, a good tarot card reader will look into what the real meaning of this combination is and, in this instance,, the cards may suggest a reawakening or rejuvenation of the relationship the person receiving the reading is in.

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(Calls cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

The Bigger Picture

Individual cards can often tell one part of a story but by combining various cards, the reader will be able to see a much bigger picture in regard to what’s happening in someone’s life. The more cards that are read in conjunction with each other, the bigger the picture will be. However, reading too many cards at any one time may cause confusion, so, if the reader wants to give an in-depth reading, they’re better off keeping things as simple as possible.

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