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The Tower Tarot Card

Published 11/03/2023 by Joanne Jones

The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card image in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck portrays a tall, grey tower struck by lightning bolts, creating a natural disaster.

The lightning symbolises sudden and destructive change, while the crumbling Tower represents the destruction caused by this disruption. Atop the Tower are two figures, one falling to their demise and the other clutching onto the edge of the broken wall to save themselves.

This image conveys a sense of chaotic energy and potential disaster from being unprepared for change. Beneath the Tower is a raging sea, representing turmoil and chaos, with waves crashing against its walls.

The Tower card is the 16th card of the Major Arcana and bears a powerful message about how quickly stability can be lost due to unforeseen circumstances. It is a reminder to be prepared for whatever may come our way in life and not to take anything for granted.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower tarot card symbolises upheaval, change, and transformation. It speaks to a sudden shift in our life that is often unwelcome yet ultimately necessary for growth.

The Tower card meaning is to signify the end of what we have come to know and is a call to action that can no longer be ignored. It represents good and bad aspects and is a messenger between the conscious and unconscious realms.

The Tower Tarot card meaning can indicate substantial life changes with stressful situations ahead, such as job losses or new career paths, moving home, relationship breakdowns or new relationships forming. In these moments of upheaval and chaos, it is essential to remember that everything will eventually fall into place.

The Tower card also symbolises breaking down old structures and outdated beliefs to create solid foundations to serve you better.

It calls upon us to look at our lives objectively and ask ourselves if any decisions we've made necessitate change. It also encourages us to let go of what isn't serving us anymore so that new opportunities and experiences can enter our lives. The Tower enables us to face negative situations bravely and whatever challenges may come and trust that something better awaits on the other side.

The Tower Tarot Card Reversed

The Tower tarot card in reversed position is often interpreted as a sign of liberation and freedom from constraints, which can refer to being liberated from outdated beliefs, thoughts, and habits that have been holding us back from achieving our goals.

The Tower Tarot meaning is to alert us to the destruction of unstable foundations that have previously been sustaining us, such as a job, relationship, or belief system. In this case, rebuilding and creating something new is necessary to move forward with our lives. It may be required to take risks to achieve this transformation.

Ultimately it will be liberating and empowering when we can finally break free from what has been limiting us for so long. The Tower card reversed also symbolises a time of spiritual growth and acceptance of the change. Sometimes the chaos and turbulence of life must be embraced for us to rise above it.

When the reversed position Tower appears in a reading, it can also be seen as an indication that although difficulties may come our way, there will still be opportunities for renewal and growth if we are willing to let go of the past and make changes for the better.

The Tower Tarot Card Upright

When in the upright position, the Tower card symbolises sudden, unexpected changes and upheaval that have potentially far-reaching consequences.

The upright meaning is associated with the forces of destruction and chaos, which can manifest as a dramatic transformation or a total collapse. The Tower upright position shows a tall edifice struck by a bolt of lightning and crumbling to the ground, indicating that significant changes will occur in an individual's life, bringing about new opportunities and possibilities and some losses along the way.

It suggests that one should be prepared for anything. Knowing how things will end up or what new challenges may arise is impossible. The Tower card urges the querent to embrace these changes with courage and trust in their strength, as they can lead to personal growth and positive outcomes.

Tarot Readings

The Tower card in a tarot reading is among the most powerful and evocative. It symbolises disruption, transformation, and profound change.

The Tower often heralds a significant shift in perspective or circumstance; it can signify a sudden end to your current position in life or a radical restructuring of existing power dynamics. It may represent tough situations ahead, upheaval, unexpected revelations, or the emergence of new ideas, which can lead to profound personal growth and development.

To fully understand what this card means for you in your tarot reading, it's best to speak with an experienced live psychic reader who can provide valuable insight into its interpretation. Trusted Psychics' tarot specialists are highly skilled at deciphering the hidden messages within the Tower card. They have years of experience and provided thousands of readings globally, helping people make sense of their readings.

With the help of Trusted Psychics, you'll gain greater clarity about what this card means for your situation and how to use its wisdom to help shape your future position in life.


What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean in Mood?

The Tower card can be a powerful symbol of transformation. It typically represents chaos and sudden change that is often disruptive.

The card can sometimes signify the need for a radical transformation or rebuild from scratch. It can also refer to moments of intense clarity from recognising the value of surrendering yourself to change.

On a more personal level, the Tower card reflects your current mental and emotional state. It may reflect feelings of distress, confusion, or powerlessness when making changes in your life. You may feel overwhelmed by negative situations and uncertain about how to move forward to create a positive transformation in your life.

The upside of this card is that it also speaks to potential transformative growth and enlightenment. If you are willing to embrace the turbulence of the moment, you may find yourself stronger, wiser, and more confident due to the experience.

Although these changes may feel chaotic or overwhelming initially, they could empower us to take charge of our destiny by creating new opportunities out of chaos. With this energy comes excitement for what's next and a willingness to accept whatever fate has laid out for us—even if it isn't what we had initially planned.

What Is the Outcome of the Tower in a Relationship?

The Tower card has many negative aspects regarding relationships. It can signify a tumultuous period for romantic relationships, with the need for personal transformation.

In current relationships, it also represents unexpected upheaval threatening the status quo of your partnership. It can mean that a relationship is on the brink of change and can imply that something is ending.

This card suggests there may be a need for divine intervention or to face brutal truths and take radical action to move forward through traumatic events. It may signal a moment of crisis or intense conflict, where redefining the boundaries of the relationship is necessary for both parties to survive. Still, such an event could lead to a stronger bond.

In other cases, it can symbolise the creation of something new, as two people came together after facing a challenging period and making it through intact.

In love tarot readings, The Tower speaks to being honest and opening to your partner through communication. When this card appears in a reading, it is essential to focus on creating healthy boundaries that both parties respect to build trust.

It may also indicate in current relationships that you must confront unresolved issues, learn from mistakes, and forgive wrongdoings. This kind of emotional restructuring will make way for more profound levels of connection between two people.

The Tower suggests that difficult experiences can lead to breakthroughs in relationships leading to healthy relationships with a more balanced outlook on life.

What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean for Careers?

The Tower Tarot card does have positive aspects regarding careers. It symbolises the potential for remarkable transformation and change in our working lives.

It signifies sudden shifts that may occur in our careers, such as promotions, unexpected job changes, or even the complete restructuring of an organisation. The Tower card in the career context encourages us to embrace upheaval and make courageous decisions, ultimately leading to tremendous success.

It can also represent what feels like career disasters, such as redundancy, disruption in layoffs, downsizing, or corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Regarding career paths, the Tower suggests that we should stay open-minded and flexible to new opportunities; facing our fears and taking risks can create lasting positive changes in our professional lives. The Tower card reminds us that life is constantly changing and to make the best out of its unpredictability by having faith in ourselves and our abilities.

What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean for Finance?

The Tower Tarot card is often seen as a precursor of financial distress. It signals major financial disasters, such as sudden loss, chaotic disruption, unexpected events, or even bankruptcy, are about to occur.

It can also signify that those decisions or investments will cause ongoing financial troubles and need re-evaluation.

This card encourages us to take stock of our current situation and make necessary changes to ensure financial stability in the future. It's not always an indicator of doom and gloom. It urges us to think carefully before making money decisions. With careful consideration and proper planning, the Tower Card can be a sign that new opportunities arise from challenging times - but only if we're attentive and proactive with our actions now.

Ultimately, understanding the Tower card meaning can help us see difficulties as moments of potential growth instead of obstacles.

With a bit of courage and self-awareness, we can use them as tools to create meaningful transformations in all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

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