Tarot Cards and Love Readings

There are several tarot cards that could indicate that a breakup is about to occur; today, we’re going to tell what these cards are so that you can prepare yourself if they ever come up during a reading. While breakups are not easy to get through, we want you to know that the team at Trusted Psychics will always be there for you. With that said, let’s examine what these relationship cards could mean for you and your partner.


The Death card doesn’t mean death or the end in a physical sense; however, it does indicate the end of something old and the beginning of something new. The death card is a representation of the fact that it’s time for you to move on from the past and into the future, hopefully in a way that’ll better your life. In regard to love, the death card could simply mean that due to the fact that your relationship hasn’t been the greatest as of late, it’s time for you to move on.

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The Tower

This indicates a major shakeup in your life and could signify the sudden ending of a relationship. It shows that there’ll be a breakdown of its existing form in order to make way for something new. However, the tower card can also mean that you need to find a new way of doing things so that you can prevent your relationship from coming to an end.

The Ten of Swords

This card often depicts a man lying on the ground with ten swords in his back, therefore, indicating what can be perceived as a definite ending; of course, in this situation, it refers to the end of a relationship. The Ten of Swords shows that while you may have tried everything, there’s nothing else that can be done to salvage the situation, so perhaps it’s time to walk away. However, this card also shows that there are happier times ahead and that sometimes we have to go through painful experiences to appreciate the good things in life.

The Eight of Cups

This card indicates that it’s time to give up something that no longer serves a purpose. It shows that although a lot of time and energy has been invested in your relationship, there’s no saving it. Unfortunately, the relationship has run its course, so it’s time to move onto something new. The Eight of Cups shows that you have the power to end a relationship and move on to better things.

The Three of Swords

This card indicates a time of difficulty and heartache. It suggests that a breakup is on the horizon; however, with this breakup will come peaceful times as you’ve rid yourself of the negative energy in your life.

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Online Tarot Card Love Predictions

Although these cards can show that a breakup is imminent, they don’t necessarily have to be negative. They can remind us of the fact that there’s light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes it’s necessary to give up things that no longer bring us joy. If you’d like to know what the current state of your relationship/love life is, give us a call today. We have trusted tarot readers online 24/7, so why not reach out to us and enjoy the best and most in-depth love reading imaginable.