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Difference Between Angel Cards and Tarot

Published 30/04/2024 by Joanne Jones

Difference Between Angel Cards and Tarot

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are a type of divination tool used to connect with angelic spiritual energies. They are often decorated with beautiful artwork depicting angelic beings, and each card represents a particular message or meaning.

Angel cards provide guidance, insight, and inspiration to individuals seeking answers to their questions or gaining a deeper understanding of their life's purpose. The messages on the cards can be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on the individual's personal beliefs and spiritual practices.

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Origin and History

Many people believe that guardian angels are spiritual beings assigned to protect and watch over individuals. These angels are thought to be messengers from a higher power, and their duty is to offer guidance and protection to those who need it. They are believed to be constantly present, even when not seen, and can help safeguard us from harm.

Guardian angels are commonly associated with various religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In Christianity, God's guardian angels were believed to be assigned to protect and guide individuals throughout their lives.

Angel cards are a relatively new concept that emerged in the 20th century. They are decks of cards that are believed to provide guidance and insight into various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal growth.

Each individual card showcases an image of an angel accompanied by a message or affirmation. The cards are designed to inspire and motivate individuals with their positive and uplifting messages.

The history of angel cards is closely linked to the concept of guardian angels. In the 1970s, Doreen Virtue, a spiritual teacher and author, began to explore the idea of communicating with angels through oracle cards. Her work popularised the use of angel cards as a tool for spiritual guidance and healing. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for angel card experts to provide accurate readings.

Number of Cards

Angel cards typically come in a deck of 44 cards, each featuring a different angel or spiritual being. The cards are often beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours and intricate designs, making them pleasurable to look at and use. Each card has its unique message or provides angelic guidance and can be interpreted in various ways depending on the question or situation.

Choosing a deck of angel cards is a personal choice as there are many types of angel cards, each with unique designs, symbols, and meanings. Some popular types of angel cards include Archangel Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot Cards, and Angel Therapy Oracle Cards.

Purpose of Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings provide a deeper understanding of one's life purpose, relationships, career, spiritual health, and other essential aspects of life. Our guardian angels offer a unique perspective that can help individuals gain clarity, direction, and inspiration to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Psychics use angel cards to tap into the energies of the divine realm and communicate with the angels.

During an angel card reading, each card in the deck carries a unique message or meaning that a psychic can interpret. These uplifting messages can provide additional guidance on personal relationships, career choices and spiritual growth.

One of the main benefits of angel card readings is that they offer a gentle and positive approach to divination regardless of personal spiritual beliefs. Angel readings are not associated with negative energy or dark forces. Instead, they are focused on promoting healing, love, and light.

Thousands of people report that these detailed readings can provide comfort and healing for those struggling with grief, loss, or other emotional challenges. The insightful messages interpreted by professional angel card readers can give a sense of peace, comfort, and reassurance that can help you navigate challenging times more gracefully and easily.

Angel card readings can also be used as a form of self-care, personal growth, and reflection. Discovering what an Angel card reading is can provide insights into people's thoughts and emotions and help them work through any challenges or issues holding them back.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a set of beautifully illustrated cards used for divination, fortune-telling, and spiritual exploration. A traditional tarot deck contains 78 cards, each with unique symbolism and meaning. The cards are divided into two main groups: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards).

The Major Arcana cards represent life's major themes and archetypes, such as the Fool, the Magician, the Emperor, the Empress, the High Priestess, and the Death card. These cards are considered the most powerful and significant in the deck, as they represent the overarching themes and lessons we encounter on our life journey.

The Minor Arcana cards are Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles, each of which represents difficult emotions such as intellect, emotions, creativity, and material wealth. The Minor Arcana cards are further divided into numbered cards (Ace through 10) and Court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King).

Origin and History

The origins of tarot are mysterious and unclear, but it is believed that the deck was created in Italy during the 14th century. Some experts believe that the tarot was inspired by the Islamic playing cards that were brought to Europe by traders during the 13th century. Others believe ancient Egyptian symbols, Kabbalah, and alchemy influenced the tarot.

One of the most famous Tarot decks is the Rider-Waite Tarot, first published in 1909 by Arthur Edward Waite. This deck is still the most popular deck used today for tarot readings and has influenced countless other Tarot decks.

In recent years, tarot readings have experienced a resurgence in popularity as more and more people turn to the cards for guidance and insight.

The tarot is now widely recognised as a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual development. Whether used for divination or as a tool for meditation and self-reflection, the tarot continues to fascinate and inspire people worldwide.

Number of Cards

The number of cards in a tarot deck is 78 cards, divided into two main sections: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 unique cards, each depicting a different symbolic image, and the Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards divided into four suits.

The intricate designs on the cards often feature symbolic imagery. Many different types of decks are available, typically illustrated in beautiful, vivid colours and adorned with gold leaf or other embellishments.

Purpose of Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings have been practised for centuries. They are used to gain past, present, and future insights. Tarot cards are a tool for divination, and they are believed to have the power to reveal hidden truths and provide guidance.

A phone tarot card reading aims to provide insight into a person's life by helping them understand the patterns and energies surrounding them. This can be especially helpful during times of uncertainty or when a person is at a crossroads in their life.

A tarot card reading can offer clarity and guidance, helping people make more informed decisions about their future.

What Is the Difference Between Angel and Tarot Cards?

Angel cards and Tarot cards are two commonly used tools for divination and spiritual guidance. Although the two practices are very similar there are definite differences to explore.

Angel cards are designed to provide messages and guidance from divine beings, particularly angels. Typically, these cards feature images of feathers, angels, and other spiritual symbols. They often offer comfort, reassurance, and guidance on specific situations or challenges.

On the other hand, Tarot cards provide a more comprehensive range of intuitive interpretations, including insights into personality traits, past experiences, and future events.

Tarot cards are often used to explore personal growth and development in depth. Drawing cards from a tarot card deck gives you a highly nuanced and detailed understanding of your situation. Different spreads can be used to explore specific areas of your life, such as relationships, careers, or spirituality.

Another key difference between the two is the way they are used. Angel cards are often drawn one at a time, focusing on the message conveyed by that card. Tarot cards are typically drawn in a spread, with the position and meaning of each card determined by its placement in the spread.

While angel and tarot cards are associated with spirituality and the supernatural, they have different origins and histories. Angel cards are a relatively new phenomenon, emerging in the 1990s and drawing on a range of spiritual traditions. On the other hand, tarot cards have a long and complex history dating back to medieval Europe and drawing on various cultural and mystical traditions.

Tarot Card Reading

In recent years, tarot card readings have become a popular online service in the UK. With people becoming increasingly interested in divination and spirituality, tarot card reading has become a sought-after service for those seeking answers to their life's questions.

With the increasing use of social media and digital platforms the demand for tarot card reading, enabling individuals worldwide to access professional readers from the comfort of their homes.

The popularity of tarot card readings can be attributed to their versatility and accuracy. Tarot cards are known to reveal insights about an individual's past, present, and future, offering guidance and clarity on matters related to love, career, finances, and more.

The online tarot card reading market in the UK is highly competitive, with thousands of individuals seeking the best tarot readers to provide them with personalised readings.

Tarot card readers with years of experience and a deep understanding of the cards' symbolism and interpretations are highly valued in the market. Additionally, customers prefer tarot card reading services that offer a variety of tarot spreads, including Celtic Cross, Three-Card Spreads, and Love Spreads, among others, as they provide a comprehensive reading experience.

What sets Trusted Psychics apart from other psychic reading services is their team of top-rated tarot readers who are well known for their psychic ability and accurate interpretations of the cards.

These gifted readers have honed their craft over many years and are highly skilled at interpreting tarot cards' intricate symbolism and imagery. Professional readers offer clients detailed and accurate readings, revealing insights into their lives, relationships, and career paths.

Have an angel or tarot card reading with Trusted Psychics on their easy-to-use online platform. Clients can choose a live psychic reader who resonates with them, select a reading type, and then receive their reading via phone or psychic live messenger.


Is There an Angel Card in Tarot?

While there is no single "angel card" in tarot, many people use angel cards as a valuable tool for spiritual growth and development.

Whether you are an experienced tarot reader or a beginner, incorporating angel cards into your practice can help you connect with your intuition and tap into the wisdom of the divine.

Can You Do an Angel Card Reading on Yourself?

Yes, performing an angel card on yourself is possible. Angel cards are a form of divination that can assist you in connecting with your angels, spirit guides, and higher self to receive angel guidance and insightful messages on various aspects of your life.

Each card in an angel card deck has a unique message and significance, so it is essential to learn the meanings of the cards in your deck.

You can do this by studying the meanings in the guidebook that comes with your deck or by seeking guidance from online resources or angel card reading specialists such as the experienced Trusted Psychics team of world class readers.

The Trusted Psychics service is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted by just a phone call without any need for an appointment.

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