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Tarot Card Spreads You Need to Try

Published 02/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

Tarot Card Spreads You Need to Try

Must Try Tarot Card Readings

When it comes to the types of tarot card spreads that are available, there are many to choose from. Depending on what you want to get out of your tarot reading will determine which tarot card spread is best suited for you. Today, we will go over some of our favourite spreads that will give you clarity.

The Twin-Flame Tarot Spread

People who have a deep/strong attachment to their partner may believe they have a twin-flame connection. The twin-flame spread is ideal if you want to uncover the truth about your relationship. Some believe that a twin-flame relationship is the highest level of relationship one can experience. The Twin-Flame spread can help you understand your relationship and what it means.

Card 1: This card represents your energy.

Card 2: This card will showcase what your purpose is as a couple.

Card 3: This card will let you know what lessons you must learn as a couple.

Card 4: This card will show you how you will grow/learn.

Card 5: This card illustrates what your life as a couple will look like once your lesson(s) has been learned.

Card 6: This card will show you how to strengthen your bond with your partner.

Card 7: This card will show you how to increase your spiritual vibrations.

Card 8: This card will show you how well-suited you and your twin flame are.

Card 9: This card will show you how to help your twin flame reach their highest potential.

The Letting Go Tarot Spread

Another popular tarot card spread is the ‘Letting Go’ spread. If you are having difficulty moving on from a particular situation, this spread will give you the tools you need to start making positive changes.

Card 1: This card will reveal your true feelings.

Card 2: This card will tell you why you feel the way you do.

Card 3: This card will show you how to release your feelings.

Card 4: This card will show you how your feelings will transform.

Card 5: This card will show you how to move on.

Card 6: This card will reveal a new beginning.

Card 7: This card will uncover what you have learned.

The Hero’s Journey Tarot Spread

The Hero’s Journey spread is excellent for making sense of difficult challenges. This spread will help you understand what is needed to complete a challenge while giving you an insight into what is to come.

Card 1: This card surrounds your current situation.

Card 2: This card will disclose your call to adventure.

Card 3: This card will reveal your mentor.

Card 4: This card will show you what tests you should expect.

Card 5: This card will reveal your allies.

Card 6: This card will expose your enemies.

Card 7: This card will showcase the challenges that lie ahead.

Card 8: This card will reveal your rewards.

Card 9: This card will give you the roadmap to return to normality.

Card 10: This card will show how you’ll become a better person.

The Crisis Tarot Spread

Last but not least is the Crisis tarot spread—this spread is mostly used in emergency situations. The Crisis tarot spread is designed to guide you on what steps to take to weather the storm.

The Crisis tarot spread can be used in any situation where you feel like you are in over your head. Whether you are facing a relationship crisis, financial crisis, or anything else, this spread can help you see what needs to be done.

Card 1: This card will show you what has gone wrong, the crisis.

Card 2: This card will show you what has survived the crisis.

Card 3: This card will show you how to make things better.

Card 4: This card will reveal your goals for the future.

Insightful Tarot Card Readings Over the Phone

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