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Three Card Tarot Reading

Published 02/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

Three Card Tarot Reading

Three Card Tarot reading is an ancient method that uses a tarot deck for divination to gain insight into one's past, present, and future.

The most popular type of tarot deck is the Rider-Waite deck, with 56 cards divided into two categories: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each card's meaning is believed to be charged with energy and offers a window into life's mysteries, helping people find clarity and direction.

The Three Card Tarot reading typically consists of three cards, each representing different aspects of one's life, including the past, present, and future or a sequence of events in everyday life.

The first of the numbered cards represents the past and illustrates one's experiences and the lessons learnt from them, providing a context for the present.

The second card, representing the present, provides an understanding of one's current situation and offers insights into life's challenges and new opportunities.

The third and final card, representing the future, offers a sneak peek into what may unfold in one's life and guides decision-making and choosing the right path.

A 3-card tarot reading is a potent tool for gaining clarity and direction in one's life. The experienced tarot reader can interpret the cards in a manner that resonates with the individual's life experiences and intuition, allowing for a transformative and healing experience.

Considering the current challenging times, the Three Card Tarot reading is commonly used as an effective tool for navigating the uncertainty and challenges in our lives. It allows us to pause, take a deep breath and access our inner wisdom, enabling us to make sound choices and live the life we truly desire.

What Is a Tarot Card Spread?

You should know the various tarot spreads available if you want a tarot reading. A tarot spread is a technique that cartomancers (card readers) use to give tarot card readings.

The reader will lay the cards on a table/mat so they can answer any questions the querent has. A tarot reader can use unlimited spreads. Today, we will explore the 3-card tarot layout.

The three-card tarot reading spread is an excellent layout for those pushed for time because it can deliver answers quickly. The reader can spend less time interpreting the messages because the reading will consist of three cards.

If you want a more complex reading, you can increase the number of cards pulled for the reading. The three-card tarot reading spread is very popular for readers just starting because it lets them get familiar with the tarot meanings.

More experienced and modern mystics may choose a more complex and extensive spread for a more detailed reading.

The Linear Three-Card Tarot Spread

The most basic three-card spread looks at the past, present, and future. The Linear Three-Card tarot spread can be used to look at various issues and answer all sorts of questions.

The Past: The past affects all of us; by looking into someone's history, a tarot card reader can get an insight into the querents present and future.

The Present: The card of the present looks at a person's current situation and will detail what actions they can take to alter the outcome of their future.

The Future: The future card does not dictate what the future will be because destiny can be changed; that said, the future card will give you an idea of what your future looks like if you continue down your current path.

Variations of the 3-card Linear path spread include:

  • You, Your Path, Your Potential
  • You, Relationship, Partner
  • Situation, Action, Outcome
  • Idea, Process, Aspiration

The Balanced Three-Card Spread

The Balance Three Card Tarot reading spread can be used when the cards are interlinked, each being as important as the other. If you are struggling with an inner conflict, this spread will help you figure out what direction to go.

Variations of the Balance Three-Card layout include:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Subconscious, Unconscious, Superconscious
  • Physical State, Emotional State, Spiritual State

The Foundation Three-Card Spread

The Foundation Three Card tarot reading spread can be used when you want to see the bigger picture. Like the Balanced Three-Card layout, these are laid out like a pyramid. The two at the bottom are equally important; you must look at these to reveal the card on top. This is the one for you if you want a spread focusing on personal growth.

Variations of the Foundation Three-Card layout include:

  • What Worked, What Didn't Work, What Did I Learn?
  • What I Want, What They Want, Where Are Things Going?
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice

The Crossed Three-Card Spread

The Crossed Three Card Tarot reading spread is excellent if you are dealing with conflict or have an obstacle to overcome.

The first represents the initial question and is laid horizontally; the second looks at the obstacles in your way and is laid on top (vertically) of the first card.

The third looks at the situation from a distance and is laid beneath the first and second cards (vertically). This is the spread for you if you want to look at a situation from several angles.

Variations of the Crossed Three-Card layout include:

  • Situation, Obstacle, Advice
  • Task, How to Overcome, Goal
  • Opportunity, Challenge, Outcome

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How to Do a Three-Card Tarot Reading?

Before beginning a three-card tarot reading, it is essential to focus on the question or situation the reading is intended to address. This will help ensure the cards drawn are relevant to the individual seeking guidance.

Once the focus is established, the deck should be shuffled thoroughly to clear any previous energy.

After shuffling, the deck should be cut into three piles. Some tarot practitioners recommend tapping each pile with the dominant hand to infuse them with the individual's energy. The pile on the left represents the past, the pile in the centre represents the present, and the pile on the right represents the future.

The first card drawn is from the left-hand side pile, and it represents the past. This card offers insight into the events and decisions that have led to the present situation.

The second card drawn is from the centre pile and represents the present. This card provides guidance on navigating the current situation successfully.

Finally, the third and final card is drawn from the right-hand side pile and represents the potential future outcome based on the choices made in the present.

When interpreting the tarot cards, it is essential to remember that the cards themselves do not hold any specific power or meaning. Instead, the individual's intuition and understanding of the symbolism associated with each card provide the insights and guidance needed.

The 3-card tarot spread accurately reads the past, present, and future by focusing on a specific question or situation, shuffling and cutting the deck, and interpreting the cards. The experience of the tarot reader will determine how accurate the future predictions will be.

How to Read a Three-Card Tarot Spread?

When interpreting the cards in a 3-card layout, pay attention to the symbols, colours, and imagery.

Each one has a basic meaning associated with it, but its true meaning can vary depending on the context of your question or intention.

For instance, The Fool may represent a new beginning in a general reading, but it could mean taking a risk that could lead to success or failure in a more focused reading.

When reading a three-card tarot spread, paying attention to the individual interpretation of each card and the relationship between the cards is essential. The cards are interconnected, and each one can influence the meaning of the others.

Ultimately, the interpretation of the spread depends on the unique context of the question or situation. A skilled tarot reader can use their intuition and knowledge of tarot symbolism to provide a comprehensive and insightful reading.

In conclusion, understanding how to read a three-card tarot spread can provide valuable guidance and insight into any situation. It is a powerful divination tool and a way to tap into your intuition and better understand yourself and the world around you.

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