Making Big Decisions with Tarot Cards

There are twenty-two major arcana cards in a tarot pack. These cards relate to the big things in life. Major decisions and life goals can be seen in the major arcana as well as big life-changing events. When giving or receiving a tarot card reading, it’s possible to separate the major arcana cards from the minor ones so that just the major arcana cards are used. This will tell you about the larger things in life, however, they may also skip over smaller, yet important details. There are several spreads you can use in order to perform your reading and we’re going to go through these with you today.

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The One-Card Spread

This is a great spread to use if you simply want a yes or no answer. The tarot reader will shuffle the deck while you’re thinking about the question you want answered. Make sure that you ask the question in such a way that the answer can only be yes or no. When you’re ready, a card will be drawn from the deck with the answer you seek on it. Getting a yes or no tarot reading with the major arcana cards is great if you’re wondering about the big things in your life; of course, if you want more of an in-depth analysis, you can resort to also using the minor arcana cards too.

The Three-Card Spread

The three-card spread will reveal the past, present, and future; however, this spread can also be used to showcase the following:-

  • The nature of your problem / The cause / The solution
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice
  • Situation / Action / Outcome

The three-card tarot spread is a great spread to use if you’re short on time or simply want to get to the root of the issue quickly. While a three-card tarot reading can be quite quick, it will offer you a lot more information in comparison to what a ‘yes or no’ reading will.

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The Horseshoe Spread

This spread requires five tarot cards which will be laid out in a horseshoe shape. These cards tend to showcase the following:-

  • The Present
  • Present expectations
  • What you don’t expect
  • The immediate future
  • The distant future

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There are many other spreads that can be used when giving and/or receiving a reading. Using more cards is a great way of getting a look at the bigger picture which is why using both the major and minor arcana cards provides the most in-depth information. On our cheap psychic line, you can speak with our talented tarot card readers whenever you want. Our trusted team is available 24 hours a day, so, whenever you need to learn something about your past, present, and/or future, our amazing psychics will be here for you.